Top 7 Social Media Plugins for WordPress for Influencers

WordPress is a great platform for your personal or company blog. It’s not hard to navigate and offers a lot of plugins to help you out. These plugins act like software that you can add to your WordPress website to process data or accomplish a task for you inside that website. If you are an influencer and you manage a personal blog you must know what social media plugins you should get for your website. These plugins can help you reach a much wider audience. It will also help you gather more visits and clicks on your site. Social media is where most of your audience is. You should allow your subscribers to share your content on their social media platforms. This is the easiest and cheapest way to advertise and make the whole world know about the existence of your website. Here are the top 7 Social media plugins for WordPress for influencers that you have to know.

1. Monarch

Monarch is a great WordPress plugin that you can use to display social media share buttons on your website. They offer a 30-day free trial so you can try out the plugin first before you subscribe to it. This way, you get to experience it and see if it’s the right one for you before purchasing a one-year worth of it. Do you have more than 10 social networks that must be displayed on your website? No worries. Even if you have 20 social media, this plugin can display all of them. This way, you garner more attention on different social media platforms. You also reach a much larger audience. Monarch will allow you to display social media sharing buttons in five different places. Even if you’re reading is on a page inside your website, he or she will have access to these share buttons. You can choose to display them as a floating sidebar, above or below content, on images and videos, automatic fly-ins, or automatic pop-ups.

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2. Smash Ballons

This social media plugin is quite popular. It’s always among the top choices when it comes to WordPress plugins. Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, indeed, and Mariah Carey trust this WordPress plugin. Just with that information, you can already tell that Smash Ballons is extraordinary. What this WordPress plugin does is that it lets you easily and beautifully display social media content on your website. This way, your readers or visitors will know your social media accounts and they can easily share the content on your website to their different social media accounts. This plugin will give you access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These are big and popular social media platforms. This is where you’ll also find most of your target audience. You can choose to have one of these social media plugins or a bundle with all of these. You don’t need coding to install and use these. It’s very intuitive and easy to use.

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3. Shared Counts

Shared Counts is a common social media plugin for WordPress. It is very easy to use. It’s convenient and doesn’t require that much attention to detail and knowledge of coding. It also features a simple display. It doesn’t occupy that much space on your website. Visitors of your website won’t also feel overwhelmed when they see this display. Shared Counts will allow you to display social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Yummy, Twitter, email, and LinkedIn. It also adds a button for printing to allow your readers to have a hard copy of your content. The display will also include share counts. This way, you can easily keep track of how many visitors have already shared your content.

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4. Social Warfare

If you want the best of both worlds, go for this social media plugin for WordPress. You are an influencer so it is helpful to know how many people have you already influenced. You also need to reach as many target audiences as you can. The only way to do this is to help your readers share your content on a wide variety of social media platforms. Social Warfare can give you all of these. It will allow you to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, and LinkedIn. What’s great about Social Warfare is that it doesn’t cause lagging on your website. WordPress plugins are the primary cause of slow and lagging websites. They are additional software that your WordPress website has to carry so they really will hinder the system embedded in your website. With Social Warfare, this is reduced. It will not cause any burden to your website.

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5. Social Icons Widget and Block

Wouldn’t it be great to have buttons on your website linking not only to your social media platforms but also to other sites you want your subscribers to go to? Well, this is possible with this social media plugin that you can find on WordPress. The widgets and blocks are not exclusive to social media platforms. You can also create a button redirecting your subscriber to another website or any social media platform you want them to be. This is very helpful if you have tons of other social media accounts that you want your visitors to also visit. The widgets and blocks are customizable. If you want them to be smaller or bigger, you can freely do so.

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6. Social Share Buttons

Sharing content on social media accounts doesn’t have to be stressful. If your reader finds it complicated to share your content on her FB page, it will discourage her and even push her to unsubscribe from your website. Of course, you don’t want this. This social media plugin for WordPress is easy to install and set up. It only takes a few clicks to properly install and set up. You can also display the social media sharing buttons in six different places. The plugin will even work flawlessly on mobile. It’s mobile-friendly and this will give you the advantage because most of your subscribers are on their mobile phones while accessing your website.

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7. Sassy Social Share

This is free. Like you don’t need to pay any dollar to have this social media plugin on your website. This is free for life. If you want simple social media sharing buttons on your blog, this is a must-try. This is free but this doesn’t mean it performs low. This will allow you to share your content on over 100 social media platforms. It also gives great-looking social media buttons that you can also increase in size to increase visibility. This will help your visitors to easily see these social media buttons across your website.

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