50 Little Known WordPress Tricks and Hacks

WordPress is the leading platform to make websites. There is no need to learn to code to design a website with WordPress. We have compiled a list of 50 little known WordPress tricks and hacks to help you improve your site performance.

1- You should make a static page for your site because you can work on this page with award-winning page builders. You can go to the settings and reading option to set the static page.

2- You should install the analytics plugin by Google. Google Analytics will allow you to monitor different types of traffic on your website.

3- You can increase the security of your site by setting a password for the directories that have administrative functions.

4- There are plugins to allow you to display the article images in thumbnail form. Your website will look awesome with this plugin.

5- You can edit the website code to allow users to see responses to their comments. You can install an email notification plugin for this function.

6- It is possible to enhance website security by limiting the number of login attempts. You can do it by activating the login lockdown plugin.

7- You can motivate readers to read more articles by making summaries for each article. The site will show this summary with thumbnails.

8- You should not stick to the avatars of WordPress. You can make custom avatars on your site and allow visitors to use them.

9- If you have some coding knowledge, it is better to make custom CSS for your site. You can go to the Appearance page of the website to change the CSS.

10- You can remove many errors from the website codes with the inspect element tools. You can use the inspect option from your browser.

11- Social media buttons can make a difference if you are making shareable content. All sites should have the Facebook button.

12- Most visitors look for the RSS page to update themselves about recent articles. You can customize the RSS page to show thumbnails.

13- Scrapper can steal all your articles from one page if you do not limit the number of RSS articles. It is better to do it from the reading section of your website.

14- Text widgets can have shortcodes to allow people to use different functions of the site. You can add shortcodes to make the website better.

15- Adding images in the WordPress site sidebar will enhance the website’s looks.

16- There is no need to post content on the website as you can upload content directly to the RSS feed.

17- RSS Feed allows you to delay the posts. You can publish content on the site and delay its appearance on RSS.

18- You can customize the appearance and add random images on the website header.

19- Navigation menu can have icons and links. You can add them when making menus.

20- You can select the link target option to open the menu in a new window.

21- Most experts are installing sticky menu plugins to make better menus.

22- A plugin can make the search overlay on WordPress. You can show the search bar on the full screen.

23- You can install a co-author plugin to add many authors to one article.

24- There are some site-specific plugins in the WordPress themes that can add categories to the pages.

25- You can create a virtual server to install WordPress on your PC to test plugins and themes.

26- You can install one plugin to show the number of total comments on the home page to attract more visitors.

27- You can add a signup button and show the number of website users to promote people to log in.

28- You can go to the function page of the site and add dimensions to make a different size copy of all images.

29- It is hard to locate categories. You can make it easy by adding icons to the categories.

30- Categories to tag converter will allow you to convert these objects into each other.

31- Last update date can enhance SEO on your site. You can install the plugin to show the last update date.

32- You can go to settings and change the time ago settings to show relative dates on your WordPress site.

33- You can go to the function page and remove the version number from WordPress. It will allow you to enhance security.

34- The website may not work if you changed to a new domain. Updating URLs may help you regain the website’s functions.

35- You can change the plugin folder name if plugins are hindering your login attempts.

36- You can remove the default option to ask for image linking on the WordPress webpage. You can do it from the function.php file.

37- There is an option to add custom items in the link. You can add a category in the link using the custom structure option.

38- You can go to the widget section on the appearance page. It will allow you to display the widgets on specific pages.

39- You have to enable the user registration option from the settings to allow users to add their data to the website.

40- You can install WPFORMS to make custom forms for the users. These forms will allow you to collect more data from users.

41- There are options to exclude some categories from the RSS feed. You can go to the setting to select category exclusion.

42- You can limit the excerpt length to enhance the user experience by changing the function.php.

43- You have to learn some codes to display the copyright at the bottom of the webpage with the current date.

44- You can also change your username using the username changer plugin. It will help you enhance security.

45- The comment Like and Dislike plugin will allow users to react to the comments on your site.

46- You can click the clone option to duplicate the page or article from the editor page.

47- WPFORMS also allows you to make forms to allow users to submit content to the website.

48- You will get an email when someone comments on your webpage f you enable the email me whenever option.

49- WordPress will send the moderator’s name in the email. You can change it to the site name with the site-specific plugin.

50- You can show the author’s name by changing the settings from the article editing page. You can mark a tick on the author option to get change the settings.

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